our story

The Upper Room began to take shape in late 2005 when a small group of us started a conversation about planting a church. Deciding not simply to follow church planting models we were familiar with, we began by asking ourselves the basic question, ‘what is church?’ and imagining the kind of church community we would like to be part of.

Our ideas began to come together and on the afternoon of 12 March 2006, we held our first Sunday gathering in the upstairs function room (hence ‘the upper room’) of a fine old theatre in North Sydney called The Independent.

Our goal was to create a physical and social space in which Christ-centred community might begin to form. We were particularly inspired early on by an insight from Eugene Peterson that each church community is a unique creation and work of the Holy Spirit. This insight has continued to be an important guiding principle in the development of The Upper Room community.

By May 2007 we had pretty much outgrown the upstairs function room, so we moved our gatherings into the theatre’s main auditorium. Although it no longer literally described our meeting place, we kept the name ‘The Upper Room’ because we’d come to appreciate it as a nice metaphor for much of what church community is all about.

Since then we have changed location a couple more times and are now meeting at the Living & Learning Centre in Lane Cove.

The Upper Room continues to be a work in progress. We have encountered God in many wonderful ways over the past years and we continue to seek to grow in relationship with God and  each other and to be a community of God’s people for the world.