what we do

Most Sundays
Sunday mornings at the Upper Room are relaxed and informal. Typically, we begin with morning tea and a chance for people to catch up and chat. We’ll then move into a time of worship, quiet reflection and prayer followed by a talk or a presentation. We like to incorporate different elements in this part of the morning such as Scripture reading, poetry, singing, recorded music and video content. Somewhere in the mix we also share communion together.

So much of modern life is spent rushing from one thing to the next and being constantly distracted by a million voices demanding our attention. Our aim on Sunday mornings is to create an open, peaceful, reflective space where we can pause from the general busyness of life to recentre ourselves, as it were, on God and  things that really matter.


Living Room groups
On the last Sunday of each month, instead of all meeting in one place, we meet in small groups in homes. These groups, which we call ‘Living Rooms’ provide an opportunity for more personal engagement and interaction with one another.

For more information about Sunday meetings click here.